Export Data

B2Match offers the possibility to download several Excel and PDF lists to manage your event: 

Reports in Excel Format: 

All participants:

This Excel file consists of the following three tables: 

  1. all company and participants details, number of bookings, status informations 
  2. cooperation profiles of all participants
  3. all futher questions in the last chapter of the registration from 

Meeting & Meeting Feedback:

Lists each meeting in one single line:

  • who are the meeting partners
  • where do they come from
  • time and table of this meeting
  • feedback rating of host and guest

Event Feedback: 

Conains all rating and further questions about the event. 


Reports in PDF Format: 

All changes are immediately visible in the PDF files below.
For example if you would like to have

  • a different banner on one of the lists below, just upload it, generate the list and then upload the original one. 
  • the mobile phone number in the printed catalog, but not on the website: Change the visibility setting, download the catalog and then change the setting back to the original one. 

Meeting Schedules:

You can download all meeting schedules in one pdf file. Sorting criteria is the family name. 
To print out the meeting schedules for a group of participants, you have to define this group by using the list function. 

Time Schedules: 

List all meetings taking place at a certain time (e.g. 11:30). If you have 10 timeslots, you get 10 lists
What it is used for? To quickly check which participants should sit on which table. If one meeting partner is missing, it contains also the mobile number to inform him to show up as soon as possible.

Table Schedules: 

List all meetings taking place at a given table. We recommend to stick this list on each table. 
What it is used for? If meetings partners do not want to stop their conversation in time, you can put you finger on the next meeting and tell them to steal time of this meeting. It also show which tables are available for additional meetings. 


Create a catalog of all participants and their cooperation profiles.
Via lists you can control which participants are listed in the catalog (by default all validated participants are listed). For arranging meetings at the event, you can only print out a catalog with participants attending at least one B2B sessions. 


Small booklet listing all participants, photos and their meetings (time, table/booth number). You can also print them out and pin them on a wall. Participants have the possibility to arrange additional meetings by themselves. 

Agendas (Badge): 

Export Badges in A6 Format (A4 page two times folded): the front side includes the event banner, name, organisation, organisation type; back side: personal agenda - date/time (e.g. event sessions, B2B meeting, etc.);