How to order and setup a B2Match website?


Download and customize the 3 referenced templates (see left info box "Related resources") and return them back to us. Within 2-3 days we will setup your event website. Any further adaptations can be done online once the website is online.

  1. Registration form allows you to customize what kind of data your participants have to insert during the registration.
  2. Start Page contains the content of the start page and further HTML pages. E.g. Agenda, Traveling, etc. Once B2Match has published the content you can modify it later on online via the B2Match CMS by yourself.
  3. Banner - The banner template contains several examples. They can be customized via MS PowerPoint or taken as examples in case you would like to use another tool to create your banner. The Banner have to be submitted either in PowerPoint or PNG format (JPG is often too blurry).

For simple and standard events 
you can also use the combined and "simplified" template "Start-and-Registration.doc" which doesn't contain special not often used settings. The single templates (Registration, Start) offers more options and comments.

Either return

  • Registration.doc, Start.doc & Banner.ppt
  • Start-and-Registration.doc & Banner.ppt

Copy & Paste a previous Event?

In case a B2Match event already exists (e.g. a last year event) there is no need to fill the templates again. Just ask us to copy & paste a given event website. The relevant customization (new date settings, minor text adaptations, agenda updates, etc.) can be done online easily. In addition we can also import participants profiles. Read more here