What to consider 3 weeks before the event?

After weeks of promotion, hopefully many participants have registered. Now it is time to inform and convince participants to book bilateral meetings. To maximize the booking numbers you have to perform several actions like:

  • Mailings
  • Checks & Actions
  • Phone calls

Table of Content

  1. Checklist for the last 2-3 weeks
  2. How to identify participants who have not sign-up for the B2B sessions?
  3. How to identify and contact participants without a collaboration profile?
  4. Mailings – What to consider?
  5. Scheduling – General remarks
  6. The preliminary meeting schedule
  7. Things to take care between the last days of the booking phase
  8. How to push bookings during the last 3 days?
  9. Preparing the final meeting schedule
  10. The final meeting schedule
  11. How to manage on-site meetings requests?
  12. Feedback after the Event

Find all relevant Information and tips on the above listed Topics in the PDF file referenced below.