Co-organizers & Support Offices

This Article addresses the following topics:

  • General Remarks
  • How to manage co-organizer assignments if plenty of participants have registered and participants are not assigned to co-organizers yet?
  • How to show co-organizer on the contact page?
  • How to invite co-organizers?


General Remarks

To give co-organizers access to specific participants (e.g. participants from Austria) you must add them as co-administrators. By doing so co-administrators get full access to specific participants. They can edit profiles, book meetings, check feedback, etc.

How to add co-organizers?

Settings -> Administrators -> Add Administrator

How to automatically link participants with co-organizers?

When adding co-administrators you must decide which one of the two options fits for your event

  1. Only one co-organizer per country
    Activate those countries the co-organizers should be responsible for There is no need to create a "Support Office" list from which participants can select Participant are automatically assigned to their co-organizer via their country selection

  2. More than one co-organizer per country?
    In this case you must activate the “Support Office” selection for ALL co-organizers you are going to add Note: If you also assign region(s) of Responsibility to this co-administrator he also get access to participant from the selected regions regardless if the participant has selected a "Support Office" or not.
    When inserting support offices names please use the following notification: "Country ISO code - Organisation name (Region)".
    AT - Austrian Research promotion Agency (Vienna)
    AT - Chamber of Commerce (Salzburg Region)
    DE - ZENITH GmbH (Nordrhein-Westfalen)
    The organisation name could also indicate a region if there are more co-organizer from one country.


How to manage co-organizer assignments if plenty of participants have registered and participants are not assigned to co-organizers yet?

Fictive Starting Position

  • Several participants have already registered but are not assigned to co-organizer yet
  • Some Co-organizers have already registered but plenty more will follow

First of all this case is tricky and can not be solved in a 100% perfect way quickly.
Find below a possible solution and related drawbacks


By whom?

Assign all registered Co-organizers their Country of Responsibility
e.g. "Saarland International" --> Germany

Thus "Saarland International" does have access to ALL German participants profiles from now on

Main Organizer

Now "Saarland International" (or the main organizer) must assign (claim) those German participants they are responsible for as Co-organizer (e.g. Participants from the Saarland Region)

How does it work?
* Select the Tab "Settings" in your Clients Dashboard
* Assign the client via the "Support Office" list to "DE – Saarland International"

For those German participants you are not responsible for there is no action needed
Repeat the task above for all participants you are responsible for

or Main Admin

If there are already several German co-organizer a German co-organizer could also assign a participants to another German co-organizer if they are sure that participants and co-organizer does match (e.g. Company from Munich and Bavarian co-organizer)

or Main Admin


A German co-organizer still does have access to all German profiles regardless he has assigned itself as co-organizers or not. As long a co-organizer has assigned a global "Country of Responsibility" assignment (e.g. Germany) he can edit all “German” profiles

Way out?
Once you have a more or less a full list of co-organizers you can remove the global “Region of Responsibility” assignment for all co-organizers. Thus the co-organizers only have access to those participants profile they have been assigned as co-organizers. 


How to show co-corganizer on the contact page?

Activate the check-box "Show on contact page" and co-organizers will automatically listed on the Contact page below the Main Organizers.


How to invite co-organizers?

Once you have added a co-organizer, you should send them a short introduction email. See example below.

Subject: Brokerage Event Name – Your login data

Thank you for supporting us with this event, we really appreciate your support.
We have created a co-organizer account for you to access the website. From now on you will receive email alerts every time a client from your region has registered.

Login name: your email
Password: you have chosen

Once you are logged in click on the "Participants" link to get all participants listed.
Please read the following FAQs

1) Do they attend bilateral meeting sessions?
2) Have they inserted a high quality co-operation profile?
    The better the quality of your collaboration profile:
     * the more and qualified meeting requests they will receive
     * the higher the chance that the meetings will have an impact

PS: If you can’t find an "Edit" icon for one of your clients please inform us, we will manually assign the client to you. This may happen if participants haven’t selected you as support office.

Kind regards