Event feedback - FAQs and more

I want to get a feedback from my participants – How to do?

1) Use the predefined Mailing "Feedback – Events and Meetings"
2) Activate the "Evaluation" Tab in the participants Dashboard via:
Settings -> Feedback Settings -> Set 1st stage Feedback to Yes

Can I modify the event related feedback questions?

Yes, you can. But preferably use the given questions they have proven to be suitable.

There are two types of event related questions
a) Matrix questions with 5 rating options (Excellent, Good, Average, Fair, Poor)
    How to edit or add questions? Settings -> Feedback Questions
    Ratings options can’t be edited

b) How to add free defined questions? 
    Settings -> Further  Questions -> Feedback Questions 
    select the type of questions: Single choice, multiple choice, text, etc. 
    click Add Questions
    add your question and the help text if needed

How to verify if feedback questionnaire looks OK?

ALLWAYS proof if questionnaire setup is well done before you start the Feedback mailing!!!
Go to the Dashboard of one of your participants and click the "Evaluation" tab
No "Evaluation" tab shown? Activate the tab via:
Settings -> Feedback Settings -> Activate the 1st stage Feedback

Where can I find the Feedback results?

Reports -> Feedback
The individual participants feedback (for each single person) you can find in two Excel files
a) Event related:  Reports -> Excel File - Event Feedback
b) Meeting related: Reports -> Excel File - Meeting Feedback

How to increase the number of feedback received?

After 1-2 weeks you should send the Feedback mailing once again.
Note: b2match send reminders only to those participants who have not given any feedback yet.

 Mailing Type: Feedback - Event & Meetings Response Rate 
 1st Mailing (1 week after)  30-50%
 1st Reminder (1 weeks after)  20%
 2nd Reminder (3 weeks after)  10%
Afterwards: Contact client (by phone) and insert the feedback by yourself Use the Feedback tab in the dashboard to rate meetings by yourself  


Screenshot of a typical Feedback form