Area of Activities - Examples

In the below referenced file you can find examples of proven "Areas of Activities" classifications.

The better the chosen classification the easier participants can find the "Needle in a Haystack". The area of activities classifications allows to shorten a large and random participant list of e.g. 200 profiles down to 10 to 20 relevant profiles in a few seconds.

Your participants will really appreciate a set of well defined classification helping them to find the most relevant counterparts more quickly.


  • What is the appropriate number of area of activities?
    Rule of thumb: < 5%-10% of the expected number of participants
    e.g.: 200 participants expected -> max. 10-20 classifications
  • Group area of activities in case of divers topics
    e.g. if your event is focusing on Energy and Environment use 2 main categories (1. ENERGY; 2. ENVIRONMENT) and add the area of activities as sub-topics
    (e.g. ENVIRONMENT: Waste, Water, Air pollution, Renewable Energies, etc.)
  • "VALUE/SUPPLY CHAIN" Consider to add this category for technology and/or production related events. For many companies the position in the value/supply chain is highly relevant for business collaboration (see pp.11 in the PDF).

Find a collection of proven examples as PDF file in the left Info box below "Related Resources"