B2Match can be customized to the following languages:

  • English, German, French, Italian, Dutch
  • Czech, Portuguese, Polish, Chinese, Spanish

How to select languages?

  • Settings -> Global Settings
  • Web site language: First language which is shown
  • Additional languages: Add further languages

Keep in mind that for every additional language you have to translate the following content (HTML Pages, Org. types, Area of Activities, Event Sessions, Further questions, Profile Types, Cooperation types, etc.)


Remarks: We suggest running matchmaking events preferably in only one language.

If you offer a two-language website then some participants will insert their

  • Organisation description
  • Cooperation profiles (I am offering ..., I am looking for ....)

most probably in their local language which will be not understood by other participants. This way you do not support the matchmaking and information exchange!

So, please force your event participants to insert data in English, because

  • meanwhile everyone speaks English
  • if someone doesn't speak English he cannot seriously initiate international business
  • B2Match communicate with simple English terms which are easy to understandable e.g. First Name, Street, Organisation description, Book Meetings, Your meeting schedule

Way out?

  • Data inserted by participants (e.g. Contact data, Company description and cooperation profils) are in the main language only
  • Event pages (e.g. Home, Programm, etc) are translated in a 2nd or 3rd language.

This way you get the business related information from your participants in the given language, and offer at the same time event related information in local languages for easier readability.

Example (EN/FR):

How to insert and link the little language flag in the HTML pages?

  1. Upload a flag picture (max size: 25 Pixel) via the file library
  2. Insert the flag picture in the page editor and set alignment to the right
  3. Link the little flag to the 2nd/3rd language pages (which should have been created before)

The inserted code should look like this:

<a href="/wohit14/pages/accueil"><img style="float: right;" src="/system/wohit14/files/fr.gif" alt="fr" width="24" height="15" /></a>