Terms of Service & Further Conditions

B2Match has SUCCESSFULY managed over 1000 Events since 2011.

Nevertheless the relation between B2Match and its customers need a legal basis where both parties can relay on.

Find enclosed (see link below) the Terms of Services which are the contractual basis between B2Match and Event organizers who are going to use B2Match (Customer). In these terms B2Match indicates the responsibilities between B2Match and its customers.

  1. Generals Provisions
    * Subject matter of contract
    * B2MATCH agrees to provide the following service
  2. Use of the platform
    * Conclusion of Contract 
    * Registration
    * Setup and Data Input
  3. Copyright, right of use
    * Content of Websites
    * Liability exclusion and disclaimer
    * Content Lock and Erasure
  4. Change of the platform
  5. Availability of Service
  6. Misuse of Service
  7. Liability
  8. Warranty
  9. Public Relation
  10. Term and Termination
  11. Effect of Termination
  12. Fees and Reward
  13. Invoice
  14. Payment
  15. Special adaption and customisation
  16. Data Protection
  17. Law applicable and place of jurisdiction

Download the Terms of Services in PDF form via the link below ...