Importing participants - Introduction

On request participant data can be imported from

  • Previous B2Match events
  • Conference websites (via HTML form)
  • Excel import file

The advantage of importing participants is:

  • Event organizers get a more faster growing participants list
  • Participants doesn’t have to re-insert their contact data
    (and business profiles)

The procedure in detail


Data import * Direct transfer from a previous B2Match site
* Conference plafrom
* Excel list


Confirmation Mailing Mailing via the B2Match system
a) Previous Event -> "Invitation to participate again"
b) Excel Import -> "Confirm data import & Event participation"


Approval by participants Participants receive a confirmation link to approve their re-participation or data import.
On confirmation, participants have to complete missing information in the registration form (e.g. B2B sessions, area of activities, etc.).


Validation of participants
who have confirmed?
Depending on the event settings (Profile Validation required? = On/Off) you have to manually validate participants who have confirmed.


ad 1) Data import

ad 2) Confirmation Mailing

ad 3) Approval by participants

ad 4) Validation of imported participants

  • Approach for validation
  • Where can I find the "Imported" participants?
  • How to move a participant from the "Imported" to the "Public" list manually?
  • How to distinguish between  old (imported) and new participants?

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