Validation and management of imported participants

Validation of participants who have confirmed

Once the mailing has been sent you have to validate participants who have confirmed in case the event settings are "Profile Validation is required". In case the validation is not required, participants who confirm their participation are validated and listed on the website automatically.

Approach for validation (in case validation is required):

  1. Open the participants window in the backend
  2. Sort column "Status" to group participants which have not been validated yet
    or click the link "On-Hold (##)" to list "On-hold" participants only
  3. Click on the red flag to activate the profile
    (imported participants have the lowest IDs: 1,2,3, …)


Where can I find the "Imported" participants?

  • Participants -> Imported


How to move a participant from the "Imported" to the "Public" list manually?

As long participants have the status, "Imported" they are only visible for the organizers via the "Imported" view.

  1. Participants -> Imported | Edit Button
  2. Tab "Settings"
  3. Change Status from "Imported" to "Validated"

How to distinguish between old (imported) and new participants?

If e.g. 100 participants have been imported their IDs are 1 to 100.
Participant’s numbers above 100 indicate newly registered clients.


Registration Mail?

In case of manual activation of single participants profiles you should also send a registration mail to make the participant aware of the profile activation and give him access to the NEW autologin link.