Why and how to write meaningful cooperation profiles?


Your profile is the FIRST impression other companies receive from you!

Often companies invest too less time to indicate what kind of business or collaboration they are interested in. Later on they are wondering why they receive no meeting requests or the meetings (if any) are of low outcome.

The better the quality of your collaboration profile:

  • the more and qualified meeting requests you will receive
  • the higher the chance that the meetings will have an impact

Tips for a good profile:

  • Do not pack all your cooperation wishes in one cooperaion profile. Use one cooperation profile per cooperation issue. 
  • Use an self explainging title  
  • The description should be as short as possible, as long as necessary (15-30 lines works best)
  • Give qualified answers to the headlines indicated in the table below

What should be addressed in your co-operation profile?

Example 1: Business offers

Title: Innovative e-delivery system of letters searches for investors and foreign licence partners

DESCRIPTION: The Austrian post monopole for letters below 50 g will end on Jan. 1st in 2012. postserver.at has developed a new web based delivery system in Austria, offering electronically based sending of registered and therefore confirmed letters. In general it is possible to guarantee the postal delivery, very much in contrary to e-Mail or attachments transmitted via e-Mail . postserver.at will encode the letter and send it via a secure VPN line. People can register for a postserver.at mailbox – but have to deliver a verification of their identity via “Bürgerkarte”, the newly introduced Banking-Identification-Process or simply via eID. Documents uploaded into the mailbox cannot be modified by any means.

INNOVATIVE ASPECTS/MAIN ADVANTAGES: are a fast, secure and cheap delivery of important documents, which is not possible by letter or email at the moment.


  • key accounts with a high volume of letter correspondence, which want to benefit from this service
  • investors to finance the market penetration within the next 4 years
  • licence partners to use this successful model in other countries.


Example 2: Technology request

Title: Wind power - Request for technical, commercial and manufacturing collaboration

DESCRIPTION: Wind2power was founded in order to produce, distribute and further develop the new diffuser augmented wind turbine technology qpunkt and fibag had been developing during the last couple of years. Our turbines are tailored for the integration in resp. on buildings – existing and new ones – and for applications, where conventional wind turbines wouldn’t be possible.

Our first prototype was installed in Hungary more than one year ago and has produced electricity since.

TARGET PARTNER SOUGHT: Currently we are setting up the series production of our turbines and are looking for

  • Technology partners and lead users to improve our wind turbine technology
  • Partners to achieve a high quality and cost efficient supply chain
  • Partners for installation, distribution and maintenance


Example 3: Research project

Title: Research and development of a generic innovative factory control concept based on distributed multi-agent systems

DESCRIPTION: The objective of the project is the development of a generic innovative factory control concept based on distributed multi-agent systems. Such a concept will allow "flexible plug and produce" production approach for factories with small lots and large product variants. It can react fast and flexible for reconfiguration on production changes. In combination with the quality "zero defect" approach a real green manufacturing becomes possible.

COMPETENCES: Robotics and Robot based systems Vision & Navigation Dynamic Systems, Control & Automation. For more details view: http://www.engineering.zhaw.ch

INNOVATIVE ASPECTS/MAIN ADVANTAGES/BENEFITS: The concept contributes significantly to the industrial key requirements of sustainable and energy efficient production. It contributes to reduction of waste and energy resources. It reduce ramp up times, enables fast set-up times, "operation oriented" and the highly modular control approach also satisfy requests related to decentralized production sites. Only dynamic, adaptive and self organising (learning) software concepts are capable to exploit the flexible and changeable product environment more fully.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS: The concept will be implemented on different existing platform without need to develop new hardware.

CURRENT STAGE OF DEVELOPMENT: Concept prepared to be submitted as a proposal in the upcoming call FoF in June. Possible matches are: FoF.NMP.2011-1 The Eco-Factory FoF.NMP.2011-2 Cooperative machines and open-architecture control systems

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS (IPR): To be discussed, normally owns to the industrial partner.

EXPERIENCE: Details on the profile: http://www.engineering.zhaw.ch

TYPE AND QUALIFICATION OF CO-OPERATION PARTNER: SME’s skilled in manufacturing such platforms (Hardware & Software) Other research institutes with skills in research & development of holonic agent based systems End-users, manufacturers (Worldwide decentralized production sites