Co-organizers related questions and tasks (FAQs)

Dear Co-organizer

Thank you for supporting us, we really appreciate your support for promotion and profile quality improvements.
We have created a co-organizer account to give you access to the Brokerage Event website.
From now on you will also receive automatic email alerts every time a client from your region register.


Use one of the two login options

    Your login credentials (email, password) you will receive by email
  • Admin access direct link (Autologin Link) which you have received via mailing

Once you are logged in click on the "Participants" link to view already registered participants.

How can I validate a participant?

Participants -> Click on the red flag icon
RED flag?      Not validated yet
GREEN flag? Validated

What does validated mean?

If a participant is validated his profile will become visible and he can book meetings or receive meeting requests.

How can I edit a participant’s profile?

Participants -> Edit icon (of the respective participant)
Now you can access every tab and edit the data

I can’t find an Edit button for one of my participants?

Please inform us.

This can happen if the assignment between co-admins and participants is not done automatically via the “Country” rule but a drop-down list in the registration form “Select your regional support office”.

In this case the participant has not selected your office as “Support office” and therefore no assignment could be made. In this case you must contact the main organizers and ask for a manual assignment.

This may happen also for all participants who have registered before your co-administrator account was created. Ask the main administrator to manually assign these participants to your account



  1. Do clients attend the bilateral meeting sessions?
    Indicated by a B2B or B1, B2, … in the Events column. If not contact them and promote the advantages of joining the B2B sessions.
  2. Have your clients inserted a high quality co-operation profile? The better the quality of your collaboration profile the more meeting requests they will receive

What kind of rights does a co-organizer have?

  • Email alert on every new registration from your region
  • Full overview about all registered participants from all regions
  • Full access (edit mode) to participants profiles which are assigned to you by a) Country (automatically) b) Local support office selection (made by the participant)

Full access means:

  1. Validation of participants profiles (if validation was requested)
  2. Editing mode for participants profile (editing/deleting profiles)
  3. Booking of bilateral meetings for your participants

How to book meetings for your participants?

  1. In the backend click on: Participants -> Edit Icon to get full control of the profile You are automatically directed to the participants dashboard in the frontend
  2. Click on Participants in the horizontal menu of the frontend
  3. Browse the participants list. Use the button "Book Meeting"


Find below these remarks as 2 page PDF file for printing.