How to Promote Your Brokerage Event by Phone: Follow These 6 Steps to Get More Attendees.

You have already sent out emails to your participants, with the hope to motivate them to register and start booking meetings. However, emails often get lost in the inbox and never really reach the recipients attention. Phone calls are an excellent strategy to win your first clients for your participants list and to convince potential clients who do not react to your emails.


  1. Preparation is Key:

First, create a “Potential Participants” list (Excel, Google Sheet,..) that supports your telephone acquisition process. Prior to calling your clients, gather some information about them and their companies. Make sure to have one or two arguments ready, why this person should attend your event. It is OK to have a script prepared, but make sure to not make it sound like you are reading something down. Another Tip:  84% of the message over a phone is your tone of voice. Make sure to be in a positive state while calling. Studies show that smiling before calling has a positive impact on the phone calls outcome.


  1. Talk to The Right Person:

Addressing the right person is crucial for your phone call´s success. Explaining your business to the operator can often be a waste of time. Ask the person on the other side of the line for the contacts you are trying to reach (R&D, International Trade,..). Don´t forget to write down their name; referencing to that person will increase your trustworthiness.

However, if the operator tries to put you off, try to explain why talking to the right person is important for THEIR organization. If you have good arguments they will see the value of your service, and will convey you to their manager or at least note your number and arrange a call back.


  1. Explaining Brokerage Events

Once you have reached the right person, you will have to make sure, that they know what a matchmaking event actually is. Asking whether they know what it is or if they have ever attended one, is in most cases a good opener.


You can use this example, for explaining brokerage events: A major reason to attend events is to meet potential partners but networking at events is often limited to smalltalk during the coffee breaks. In contrast, brokerage events allow you to see who is attending and book other participants for face-to-face meetings, already before the event. All your booked meetings will then be held on pre-arranged tables at the event. Each meeting takes xx minutes. This way you can make sure to meet a number of potential co-operation partners in a very short time.


  1. Demonstrate Your Event Page:

If the person is sitting in front of the computer, get them to visit your event page while talking to you. Lead them to the “Participants” page to show who else is attending. Also show them where exactly they can register.


  1. Motivate to Register Soon:

Point out that meeting slots are limited and that their organization will get more exposure, the earlier they register. Remind them once again, why it is important for them to participate in that specific event.


  1. Follow Up:

Follow up with a short email including the link of the event. Repeat why it is important for them to attend your event. Also point out in your email they can contact you if questions arise.

Now you can note in your phone list, whether the person is interested or not. Make sure to call them back after a few days, if they haven´t registered yet.  Do not worry to give interested clients several reminder calls. Usually they are very busy and will thank you for your persistence.


Follow this 6 steps and you will not only increase the outcome of the B2B Meetings, but also the event´s overall success.


Happy Matchmaking.

Your B2Match Support Team