How to get first participant profiles online quickly?

Getting potential participants interested in your event can be hard.
We recommend to promote your event with at least 10 participants with interesting co-operation profiles. This will motivate other participants to register.  Clusters, chambers or innovation agencies will more likely spread the word about your event among their members. But HOW can you make sure, to start off with a solid number of participants? Here are our suggestions to overcome this obstacle.

  • Make The First Step: By creating a profile for yourself, you already eliminate the chance of someone else having to do the first step. Go and motivate your team to create profiles too. By doing so, you not only start filling up the participants catalogue, but can also give an example of how profiles should look like.
  • Speakers, Exhibitors, VIPs: People will often visit your event because of a special speaker or exhibitor that takes part in your event. Get those special guests to create a profile for themselves. Usually they are experts in a specific field and are more than happy to show off their expertise.
  • Use Your Network: Ask your co-workers whether they know someone that might be interested in your event. Ask for their contact details. When calling, always reference to your common contact. This will make sure, that your call is from a trustworthy source.
  • Desk Research: Browse the B2Match Events calendar or the calendar of the Enterprise Europe Network for similar events. Search for people, who have participated in a brokerage event in the past. Phone them and introduce your event. Suggest to fill in the registration form for them (you have all the necessary data available) – usually participants will thank you for your efforts.
  • Core Clients: Call the clients you know by name and ask them to register. Usually they are happy to help you boosting your participants list.
  • Contact high-performance-networkers: Usually research institutes have business developers, clusters, funding and public service organisations that are willing to offer their services. Ask them for help.
  • Startups have to build up their network – so they are very easy to convince. Google for startups in your area and invite them. They will do their best to create appealing profiles.

Generally said, phone calls are much more effective than emails for this kind of purposes. If you find a potential participant that shows a big interest in your event, don´t hold back to ask until when they will have registered for your event. This gives you the opportunity to check back at the said date and remind them to register if they haven´t yet.