Invoicing and online payment via b2match

b2match also offers the possibility to collect conference fees via Credit Card Payment from participants.

Reasons to implement online payment processing

  • Event organiser can save a considerable amount of administrative work time (e.g. 30-40 hours for 100-200 participants) by not issuing invoices manually (coping addresses, drafting and printing the invoice, sending each single invoice by email or by postal mail).  
  • Keeps your head free of micromanagement and administrative work load
  • Event fees are transferred automatically to a given event organizers account
  • No need to write and send invoices as this is done by b2match automatically
  • b2match also offers "Not paid yet" reminder mailings, which speed up the process of claiming outstanding fees.

Invoicing and/or online payment?
b2match offers the following two options:

  1. Invoicing only
    Participants can print the invoice and pay the fees via bank transfer
  2. Invoicing and online payment via Credit Card
    Participants can make the payment online via Credit Card and print the invoice. In case participants don't have a credit card payments can also be made via bank transfer

How does the online payment work?

The event organizer has to create a free of charge business account by one of the following online payment provider:

  1. PayPal
  2. Stripe (recommended by b2match)
  3. SaferPay (SIX Payments)

Once you have created an account you just have to send us the Merchandise, account code (PayPal) or the Stripe Access keys to allow b2match to setup a connection to one of these providers.

By the way, b2match doesn’t have access to the transferred conference fees. Only the event organizers can decide when and how much of the already transferred fees are remitted to the event organisers local bank account.

Which Fees are applied by whom?

  • b2match charges one time 400 Euro for managing online payment and invoicing
  • Payment providers charge a ~3% handling fee per payment
  • Cost calculation:
    e.g.: 100 participants & 100 Euro Fee: Total costs: 7 Euro/participant (~7%)
    e.g.: 200 participants & 200 Euro Fee: Total costs: 8 Euro/participant (~4%)

How can fees be customized?

b2match allows to setup any kind of pricing options like:
1 day pass, 2 day pass, Student Pass, Exhibitor fees, Early Bird fees, Speakers (free of charge), etc.
In addition you can also add addition fees for special event like Dinner, Tours, etc.

Promotion Codes

In addition b2match can also handle promotion codes based on a % or absolute reduction (e.g. 50%, 100%, 100 Euro discount, etc.)

VAT regulation?

b2match offer 3 options

  1. All participant have to pay VAT
  2. None have to pay VAT
  3. Companies from the EU who insert a valid VAT id are exempted from the VAT (EU reverse charge regulation)

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How does an invoice look like?

The invoice can be adjusted to a certain extend on your wishes.
All invoices contain the selected pricing tag (e.g. Anuga 2015 - Event participation Day 1 & 2)
In addition the event organizers and participant address/contact details. Date of the invoice and an invoice number.

How can participants pay?

Once the participant has finalized his registration and selected a pricing related item he his asked to make the online payment via a large Button. Once the button is clicked, the participant is automatically forwarded to the online provider where the Credit Card payment can be finalized.

If the payment has been successfully made, b2match is notified and set the Payment status of this participant to "Paid"


What about participants who want to pay via Bank transfer (don’t have a Credit Card)?

Participants can print a "Pro-Forma" invoice where the bank account related details (Bank, IBAN, BIC, etc.) are given.
Bank transfer payments must be indicated manually as “Paid” in the b2match system.

How can participants access a printed invoice?

Once the payment has been made the participants can download or print the invoice directly as PDF. In addition b2match also send an In addition b2match can send the PDF invoice also by email once the payment has been made.

Can I see the status of payments (paid, payment pending, free of charge participation)?

Yes, of course the b2match backend offers full access to all this information

What information is needed by b2match to activate the online payment?

  • Access keys from one of the payment providers
    (Paypal: Merchandise ID; Stripe: Key_1 & Key_2)
  • Items Fees and discount codes (if any)
  • Invoice address & reference