Finding/re-assigning a suitable co-organizer to a participant

How to proceed is a participant is not assigned to a proper co-organizer?

Quickly spoken the main organizer has following three options:

  • Identify a new co-organizer from the given region
  • Ask an existing co-organizer which is most close to the participant to take over the responsibility
  • The main organizer take care of the participant (no co-organizer assignment)


Does a suitable co-organizer (which fit's better) already exists?

If yes, all main organizers can re-assign any participant to any co-organizer.

  1. Edit the participants profiles and select the Tab: "Settings" in the participants Dashboard.
  2. In the Settings form assign the proper "Co-organizer" in the Support Office drop-down field


A suitable co-organizer doesn't exists

Option 1 - The main organizer identify a proper co-organizer in the given region

In this case, the main organizer should

  1. Contact the "potential" co-organizer and ask if he would like to support the event and take over the responsibility for the given participant
  2. On yes, the new co-organizer have to be added
    How to add Co-organizers?
  3. The given participant is assigned to the new co-organizer


Option 2 - The main organizer doesn't find a proper co-organizer in the region the participant does come from.

In this case, the main organizer should assign the participant either to

  1. Himself (Main organizer is responsible for this participant)
  2. Re-assign the participant to another co-organizer from the participant's country (in case a co-organizer does exists and is willing to take care of the participant)


PS: In case the participant is assigned to a new co-organizer, the new co-organizer should get in contact with the participant by a phone call, which have proven to be the best method to foster relations.