Booking meetings after the event?

How can organizer book meetings after the event?


  1. Set the "End" date of each B2B session into the future (e.g. add one month)
  2. De-activate the booking notification (Settings -> Notification)
    It could confuse the counterparts if they receive mails like "You have been booked for a bilateral meeting" after the event.

  3. Log-in as participant (click the Edit Button of the respective participant) and list all other participants via the menu: Participants
  4. Now you should see a green "Book Meeting" button next to each profile
  5. Book one or several meetings
  6. In case the "Booking Rules" is set to Opt-In (Meeting requests have to be confirmed by the counterpart) you also have to confirm these meetings from the counterpart side
  7. Repeat this action for all participants who have managed additional meetings

  8. Finally schedule these new bookings manually (!!) . Find for each single meetings a free time/table location and place it there (don't care about proper table/time)
  9. Afterwards set the Event date back to it's real date.


Background Information

Quite often participants manage additional meetings on site. In case event organizer are aware of such additional meetings they should add them in the B2Match system after the event to have better figures and take these meetings in a further follow-up process into account.

Default B2Match deadline settings:

  • Participants can book meetings ONLY during the booking phase
  • If Admins are logged in as participants booking is possible until the date when the B2B session takes place

If Admins want to book additional meetings after the event they have to set the B2B session date for all B2B sessions into the future. Tip: Change the "End" date for each B2B session one month ahead. See screenshot below.