How to add photos or pictures?

How to add a photo or a picture to a page?

You can add photos or pictures either via the integrated Content Builder or the WYSIWIG HTML Editor.

Content Builder

Use the Content Builder if you find one of the given picture arrangements useful. In this case you select the appropriate arrangement and can directly upload the picture and don't have to care about sizes and other settings. Read more here



This editor offer some more flexibility if you are familiar with HTML/CSS.

1) First you have to upload the picture into the file library (Settings -> File library)
2) Open the relevant page and place the cursor where you want to add the picture
3) Click on the "Picture" icon in the Editor menu
4) Select appropriate file (picture) from the "Image list"
5) Use the icon "left/right-aligned" to place the picture left/right


How to link a picture to a web address?

  1. Click on the picture and then click on the link icon
  2. Add the URL starting with http://
  3. If page should be opened in a new Browser window set Target to: New Window

How to adjust a margin between picture and text?

If you are familiar with HTML/CSS please add the following CCS code:
"<img style="margin-left: 20px;" src= ....."



  • Resize large pictures before upload, otherwise they appear blurry
    e.g. width not larger than 400-800 pixels; File-size < 200-500 kB
  • use simple filenames (no special characters, no blank spaces, etc.)
  • if you upload plenty of pictures give them "recognizable" picture names
  • if you want to show 2 to 6 pictures in a group (2x2, 1x3, etc.) merge/arrange all picture first (e.g. via PowerPoint, Photoshop) and upload only one picture showing all pictures in one file.