Custom mailing for pending meeting requests

Pending Meeting Requests

If the booking mode is set to "Opt-In" all meeting requests must be approved or rejected. Otherwise these meetings can't be scheduled.
Booked participants get notifications to accept or reject meeting requests. But many participants ignore these notifications so administrators can send a reminder to these participants.

For this issue no pre-defined mailing is available. So administrators have to create a "Custom Mailing". In this article you can read how to create a custom mailing.

Recipients Filter

Therefore the recipients filter for the custom mailing must be set to:

Validation Status: Validated
Confirmation Status: Unknown, Confirmed
Meetings: Waiting requests


Recommended Mailing Text

Copy and past the content below into the B2Match mailing form.

Subject: EVENTNAME – Please confirm your pending meetings requests

Dear %salutation%,

You have received invitations for pre-scheduled meetings.
Some of these requests are not yet confirmed by you and can therefore not be scheduled!

1) Click on the Autologin link below
2) Select the Tab: Meetings
3) Confirm or Cancel listed requests

Select the Menu "Participants" to book further meetings

Please notice
* Deadline for booking meetings and accepting meeting requests is: XX:XX
* Meeting requests must be confirmed (otherwise we can't schedule them)

Kind regards,
the event organizers