Event Sessions - How to customize?

to guarantee a smooth coexistence of all event sessions 

1. Synchronize Event sessions

  • same start/end times
  • Break-down bilateral meeting sessions to harmonize with workshops & presentations

2. Consider ALL event sessions in the b2match registration form

  • Force participants to clearly indicate, Workshop or B2B meetings!!
  • Thus, no complaints about having to manage 2 simultaneous Tasks
  • Consider All? For really large conferences having 30-50 sessions you have to find a
    compromise (you can not cover everything on the B2B website)

3. Avoid overlapping sessions

Workshop | 14:00 - 14:45
B2B session | 14:30 - 16:30
15 min time-overlap prevent participants to join both sessions !!!!

4. Consider Breaks (Lunch, Coffee)

Plenty of feedbacks have shown that Participants like to have a few free/relaxing


Please compare examples from below (left/right) to get a feeling how an event agenda can be represented in the online registration form. Click on Picture to enlarge.