Booking Modes Opt-in vs Opt-out

Booking mode?

Description Pro Con

Meeting requests are accepted by default but counterparts can reject the request

* More meetings
* 50% less mail traffic
* Easier to manage
* Less binding/obligatory
* Rejecting = unfriendly act

Meeting requests have to be approved
by the counterpart, otherwise meetings can not be scheduled

* Higher meeting quality
* Lower number of no-shows
* Less meetings
* More @ reminders (please confirm)


Opt-Out? Usually only 10% of meeting requests are rejected, therefore you generate less burden and email traffic for those 90% who are going to accept the meetings anyway.

Opt-in? If you expect that due to an “un-equal” participant structure (Buyer, Seller, VIPs, Big Players, etc.) many meeting requests will not be confirmed (not treated as relevant) then the Opt-In solution it the better choice.


Many small SMEs send plenty of meeting requests to a big player

  • Opt-Out:   The big player has to reject every now and then meeting requests (painful if too many) otherwise he is quickly fully booked and can not receive further meeting requests
  • Opt-In:   The big player can check incoming requests and select only those which fit’s best