Email notification - A Participant has reported that he does not receive emails from the event platform?

The most likely reasons why an email doesn’t reach the participants mail box is:

  1. Email has typos - Email address has been inserted wrongly
    Check for typos - to be done by the event organizer

  2. SPAM Folder - The b2match mails (?????? are in the SPAM folder or are blacklisted by the mail server of the participants company


Unfortunately, we have less control why from time to time a company mail server puts a "b2match" mail in the SPAM folder or does a black listing. This may happen 0,5%-1% sometimes more sometimes less.


How to solve this issue?

  1. Event Organizers: Check the email address of the participant for typos

  2. Participant: Check your SPAM folder
    If the b2match mail is in the SPAM folder please get it out and indicate that B2Match mails are not SPAM

  3. If the email is not in your SPAM folder please contact your IT department.
    Ask if an email has been received from the domain "":
    If no, please contact the b2match support (
    If yes, then it was most probably "black-listed" due to circumstanced which are out of our control. In this case ask your IT department to "white-label" emails which are sent from the domain ""