VAT Regulations & Issues

VAT Regulations

B2Match offer 3 options how to handle VAT (Value Added Tax) 

  1. All participant have to pay VAT
  2. No VAT is applied
  3. EU reverse charge regulation
    Companies from the EU who insert a valid VAT id are exempted from the VAT. Participants from the country where the event takes place have to pay VAT in any case.

The VAT Settings can be customized here:
Settings -> PAYMENT -> Settings


General remarks on VAT issues.


VAT Field Mandatory?

The VAT field MUST be a none mandatory field as typically 10-20% of the participants do not have a VAT number and therefore we can not force them to insert a number which they don’t have.

No VAT should be applied or is already included?
Insert 0.0% in the VAT field.
In case VAT is already included in the total fee you should add a remark on the invoice saying "Indicated Fee includes xx% VAT"

Who does have to pay VAT?

Typically, only participants which are located within the European Union (EU) who have not inserted a VALID VAT number. Participants from the country where the event takes place (if EU country) have to pay VAT regardless if they insert a valid VAT number or not. ALL companies outside the EU do not have to pay VAT. 


How to reduce/avoid VAT claiming issues?

Please add the following note in the Payment introduction text area as indicated in the picture below. This statement reminds participants once again to insert a valid VAT number in case they want a VAT free invoice.


Does B2Match validate VAT numbers?

Unfortunately no, as we can not ensure that the VIES validation API service is available 100%. Therefore you should manually check the inserted VAT ID’s via the European Commission VIES service (


How to update payment/invoicing in case a submitted VAT number is not valid?

As B2Match doesn’t check the validity of submitted VAT numbers YOU have to do this check. Use the following European Commission VAT approval platform to check the validity of European Union VAT numbers: 
Consider to insert the VAT number without leading country code (e.g. AT, DE, GB, …)

In case you identify a wrong VAT number you should proceed like this:
FIRST, contact the participant and ask for a valid VAT number to clarify if a participant has inserted a valid VAT number wrongly.

1) A participant has inserted a (valid) VAT number wrongly

In case you have received a valid number please update the participants profile (see Tab: Registration). Afterwards you have to refresh the invoice by clicking on the Button “Reset Invoice” (see Participants -> Payments)

2) The inserted VAT number turns out to be wrong

In this case you have to:

  1. delete the wrong VAT number via the participants Dashboard (Tab: Registration)
  2. contact the B2Match office asking to “Delete” this invoice
  3. make a refund of this payment via the chosen payment provider (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
  4. contact the participant asking to make the online payment once again (see: Participants Dashboard -> Tab: Payment)