Payments - How to delete/cancel a payment a client has already made?

There are 2 main reasons why to delete/cancel an already made payment:

  1. Participant can’t attend and want his money pack
  2. Participant has chosen a wrong fee type and the invoice should be re-issued
    (showing the appropriate fee)


In this case you have to:

  1. contact B2Match staff asking to "Delete" the invoice

  2. Making a refund of the payment via the chosen payment provider (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
    each payment provider offers these refund options in their administration interfaces

  3. Money back - No new invoice?
    Inform the participant that the money was refunded


  4. New invoice should be issued showing another fee?
    * Select the proper Participation type representing the adequate amount
       see Tab: "Settings" in the Participants Dashboard | Type of Participation
    * Contact the participant asking to make the online payment again via the B2Match platform