Managing Participants - FAQ's

Managing Participants


  • How can I validate a participant?
    In case the validation setting is set to “Validation required” all participants are put “On Hold” which means they are not visible for all other participants. In the participants list these participants are marked with a red flag. By clicking on the red flag it turns into a green flag which means participant is validated.
    Participants -> click on red flag to validate the profile

  • How can I get access to a participant profile?
    Participants -> Edit button
    Now you can edit everything e.g. registration data, organisation description, collaboration profile, etc.
    You can also book meetings or accept/reject meeting requests

  • A participant has cancelled his participation. What to do?
    Participants -> Edit button -> Tab: Settings -> Participation Confirmed = No
    By doing so all event sessions are deactivated (no further booking possible),
    already booked or scheduled meetings (if any) are deleted, status is set to “On Hold”
    You can also delete the complete profile via Participants -> Delete Button

  • How to book meetings for a participant?
    Participants -> Edit button … To access a Participant’s profile (you are in the frontend now)
    In the Frontend click on “Participants” next to the Home.
    Check the list of participants and click on the “Book Meeting” button

  • Individual Settings
    Here you can: Assign/Change /Edit: Support office, Type of participation (if in use);
    Status (Validated/On-Hold); Visibility; Represented by;
    Send Registration Mail again; Auto-login Link