How to control/adjust the maximum number of bookings?

For every matchmaking event organizer have to control and adjust the maximum number of bookable meetings. 

B2Match offers the following possibilities to manage this figure

  1. Number and length of Matchmaking sessions
  2. Number of time-slots in each matchmaking session (Meeting lenght)
  3. Max. Number of meetings per matchmaking session
  4. Max. Number of meetings for a specific Participation Type (e.g. Buyer, Seller, etc.)


Ad 1+2) Matchmaking sessions & time-slots

These are the 2 most important and relevant parameters to control the max. number of bookings. A well designed arrangement of bilateral meeting sessions and time-slots are of importance to achieve high number of meetings.

Bilateral meeting session
Correspond usually to a group of time-slots e.g.

[x] 10:00 – 12:00 B2B Session Morning | 4 meeting á 30 minutes
[x] 13:30 – 15:30 B2B Session Afternoon | 4 meeting á 30 minutes

Correspond to a meeting and usually have a duration of 15, 20 or 30 minutes.
The shorter the more meetings can be arranged.


In the example above a participant who select the “Morning” session only can manage up to 4 meetings. If the participant select both matchmaking sessions he can manage up to 8 meetings.


Ad 3) Limiting the max. number of meetings per matchmaking session

In each matchmaking session you can further reduce the max. number of possible meetings (determined by the number of time-slots) via the field “Max. Meetings”. This could make sense if you have a very extensive matchmaking sessions with e.g 20 time-slots. In this case we should usually set the max. number of meetings to e.g. 18. Thus participants can manage up to 18 meetings only, giving them 2 free time-slots for a short break. No-one can manage 20 meetings without breaks.


Ad 4) Limiting the number of meetings depending on the Participation Type

Via the participation type you have another control option to regulate the number of max. meetings per participant. You could assign e.g. a Buyer a max. of 20 meetings and a Seller a max. of 10 meetings only.


How is the max. number of meetings calculated if several options are applied?

If you combine all these measures the max. number is always limited by the smallest number of maximum meetings.

Example: The Participation Type "Buyer" has a limit of 10 meetings.

  • If the Buyer e.g. select the morning Matchmaking session only (e.g. 5 time-slots) then he can manage a max. of 5 meetings only (and not 10).
  • If he would select the morning (e.g. 5 time-slots) AND the afternoon session (e.g. 10 time-slots) he can manage a max. of 10 meetings only as indicated in the participation type (and not 15 meetings as the sum of time-slots in both sessions).


When is the maximum number of meetings reached?

e.g the max. number is let's say: 10 meetings

a) Booking mode: Opt-out | Meeting requests are automatically accepted
If a participants has reached the max. number of 10 bookings (Own or Guest bookings) he can not send or receive further meeting requests

b) Booking mode: Opt-in | Meeting requests have to be confirmed to be treated as booked
A participant can send or receive an unlimited number of meeting requests. Once 10 meeting requests are confirmed by the participant or counterparts the participant or counterparts can not confirm further requests. Of course the participant can send further requests. But this makes no sense as the counterparts can't accepted them anymore as the participant is fully booked. In case a confirmed meeting is cancelled by one the 2 parties then there is a free booking available again.