March 2018: Custom Questions Visibility

Would you like to ask your participants a particular question?

Adding custom questions in order to obtain specific information from the participants is a powerful tool when it comes to organising matchmaking events.

Whether you would like to know the participants food preferences, their date of birth, or you would like them to present their idea of a project in short, this b2match feature helps you customize your questions and address them to all the participants or specific groups. 

Requested by the organisers, added by b2match

If you already organized events with b2match, you already know you can address participants customized questions. So, what’s the news?

Until recently, only the organisers could view the answers to the custom questions as we thought about this feature as being a tool to collect useful data for the organisers. However, you often requested that the participants should be able to view the answers to these questions when searching for meeting partners.

Therefore, we offer you custom questions’ visibility choices as follows:

  • Hidden - participants cannot see other participants' answers to these questions so the questions and the answers will be visible for the organisers only.
  • Restricted - registered and validated participants will be able to see the answers to these questions on the participants list on the website.
  • Visible - the questions and the answers will be visible for the participants and quests.

Let’s say the organizer set the custom questions to ‘restricted’ or ‘visible’ mode. When the participant finds a matching business partner whom they want to meet, they can now see additional information asked by the organiser, such as company goal, messaging apps contact details or the market focus of the company. This will help participants to get a better idea on their future partners profiles and enhance the matchmaking experience.

Happy matchmaking!