June 2018: Customize Exports by Using Filters and Feedback News

Customize Export Data by Using Filters

Following organisers' feedback regarding the export of the documents from the b2match platform, we have added this feature.

From now on, the predefined filters set in the Participants list will be also visible in the Export menu. Therefore you can select the data you want to have in the downloaded documents with the help of these filters. Read more hereScreen_Shot_2018-06-20_at_15.10.34.png

Feedback Settings Additions

Not all event organisers are interested in getting the matchmaking feedback, or, on the contrary, some are only interested in hearing about the meetings' rating. 

Therefore we have split the two in Feedback Meetings and Feedback Questions, with the possibility of enabling only one of them. Basically, you can get the evaluation meeting alone or just the answers to your questions about the event. Read more here