Emailing Participants to Request Their Feedback

Let the participants know that the feedback is now enabled, as the system does not automatically alert the participants. You can let them know by sending them an Outbox message.

  • Check and adjust the recipient filters by clicking on Filter Recipients and adjusting the filters. Recipient filters options suggestion:
    Status: Registered
    Validation: Validated
    Matchmaking: according to your needs, choose between All, Participating in matchmaking and Not participating in matchmaking.
Before you send the feedback mailing to a large group of participants, you have the possibility to send a test email. 
  • Add your text. Thanking the participants for their participation to the event and explaining the reasons you need the feedback results usually helps. You can find a feedback email suggestion in the Related Resources area of this section. 
  • Add a the feedback link or the feedback action button to your email. When clicking on either one of them, the participant will be directed, where the feedback survey is available.



 Read more on how the participants see the feedback.